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Manufacture your Future

Great site with tools and resources for parents, teachers and counselors. Manufacture your Future offers STEM lesson plans, videos, tons of manufacturing resources for 6-12th grade teachers. The counselors section offers great insight on careers in manufacturing with the skill and academic requirements that you will need. 

aSTEAM Village

aSTEAM Village works to inspire students and families to pursue education and career pathways in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM), through community-based project learning and innovative programs. Their vision is a connected Kansas City community that adopts STEM/STEAM Education as a pathway to achieve ones individual dreams and prosperity in the 21st Century global economies of today's world!

IEEE Spark

IEEE Spark is an online publication intended to inspire students ages 14-18 to learn more about engineering, technology and computing and raise excitement about careers in these diciplines. IEEE Spark features articles on technological innovation, university preparation tips, professional career profiles, at-home activities, comics, and more!

Try Computing

Discover, study, work, inspire and search valuable resources all about computing and just what it is. TryComputing is part of IEEE. 

Try Nano

Great resource for learning all about Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Look at Nano degrees, Nano resources and games, meet real Nano professionals and about what is new in the Nano World! 

Try Engineering

Learn more about engineering and engineering careers all while getting a better understanding of just what engineering means and how it can be your career! Look at all engineering majors, resources, lesson plans and play games while learning about engineering.