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Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun

Worlds of Fun is the largest attraction in the Kansas City area and was designed on STEM principles. Themed after Jules Verne’s book Around the World in Eighty Days, Worlds of Fun is a world-class amusement park where guests enjoy all 235-acres of rides and slides. With over 100 family rides, thrill rides, seven world-class roller coasters, waterslides, shows, and attractions, they are the place to be for fun. They offer Education Days, Dinosaur Days, Scouting Days, Grad Nites, and much more.

Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Web series that is all about STEM career inspiration. This series profiles cutting-edge scientists and their research, how they got into their STEM-related profession, and what (often unusual) interests they pursue outside of their work. There are currently over 50 video profiles online, including amazing scientists such as Mayim Balik, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Janna Levin and Mae Jemison.

Generating Girls' Opportunities

Generating Girls' Opportunities (G2O) program focuses on expaning education and career opportunities for women and girls in STEM and non-traditional careers. This site includes a variety of activities, resources, career information, videos, research and more to inspire middle and high school girls in STEM! 

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Manufacture your Future

Great site with tools and resources for parents, teachers and counselors. Manufacture your Future offers STEM lesson plans, videos, tons of manufacturing resources for 6-12th grade teachers. The counselors section offers great insight on careers in manufacturing with the skill and academic requirements that you will need.