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STEM Shortage Info Graphic

This graphic illustrates the contributing factors to the shortage and the huge job potential for the future. The money is there.

Info Graphic on why so few girls go into STEM

This graphic explores the societal factors that keep girls out of the STEM fields. For example, in a room of 25 engineers, only three will be women.

How to Help Your Student with a Science Fair Project

All the help you need is right here on this site.

  • Select the Science Fair tab and then the Handbooks button. You will find “how to” resources on writing research papers, constructing display boards, and grade-level appropriate student guides. There is even one called “Science Fair Strategies for Teachers and Parents”
  • Select Project Ideas under Science Fair and you will find grade-level appropriate topics and questions that might interest your student.
  • Select Resources, also under Science Fair. There you can locate links to other science fair competitions and other sites that offer help with designing and conducting a project. The animated video “Prepare for the Science Fair” will help demystify the process for you and your students.