STEM Career Websites for Parents

Be an Engineer

Exxon Mobil's supported site that features engineers, career categories, news and videos of engineering projects in action.

Career Cornerstone

The Sloan foundation's website on STEM careers also includes a section dedicated to parents.

CSI: Web Adventures

Allows students to solve a CSI case at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, using knowledge of forensic science. Contains an educator's guide and a family guide, as well as links to online activities (e.g. handwriting analysis, detective abilities). Has a section on cool science careers. 

Design Squad Nation

Explore & Design Your World! Become part of the amazing design world and all it has to offer. Learn to build and design through games and tutorials just about anything!

Discover Engineering

Discover Engineering explains what engineering is, describes various careers, and has informational videos and games on engineering.

Discovery Education

This site has all types of resources for science, math, English, and social studies. They are divided into K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Lesson plans include the objective, materials, procedure, evaluation methods, vocabulary and national standards. In addition to lesson plans, the site also has interactive games, puzzles, activities, contests, STEM career information, and virtual labs. 

Education Planner

Great tool for middle and high school students to discover and learn about career paths, look at colleges, how to pay for college all while doing fun interactive activities and interactive exercises. Check out the career cluster activity to see what careers you would be good at. 

Engineering, Go for it! eGF!

Engineering, Go for it! Has many interactives, a digital magazine, flash cards, kid's books, tools for teachers, lesson plans by grade level and career path and scholarship information. Engineering and math activities for all grade levels.  

Girls in Science

Students can read profiles of women in science, watch videos of women scientists on the job, take a career personality quip, compare career requirements in STEM fields, connect with other young women interested in STEM and find out about STEM-related contests and camps.  

IEEE Spark

IEEE Spark is an online publication intended to inspire students ages 14-18 to learn more about engineering, technology and computing and raise excitement about careers in these diciplines. IEEE Spark features articles on technological innovation, university preparation tips, professional career profiles, at-home activities, comics, and more!

Info for Parents (Science Museum of Minnesota)

Tips on how to encourage children and teens' interest in math and science and other resources.

iON Future

A suite of online learning games that encourage middle and high school students to explore careers in STEM fields. Students can use the STEM career Matchmaker to find a field that best suits their interests and needs, then access profiles of more than 50 STEM careers from 3D animator to zoologist. 

Manufacture your Future

Great site with tools and resources for parents, teachers and counselors. Manufacture your Future offers STEM lesson plans, videos, tons of manufacturing resources for 6-12th grade teachers. The counselors section offers great insight on careers in manufacturing with the skill and academic requirements that you will need. 

Navy STEM for the Classroom

Discovery Education and the Navy present a series of interactive lesson plans specifically designed for 9-12 graders o explore new ideas and new worlds related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

Science Matters Booklet for Parents (Medtronic)

Free 24-page booklet for parents and educators to help K-6 students unlock the world of science and discovery at home and school.

Science of Soil

Interactive lesson plans and simulations on all things soil related. 


Interactive website to transform the way tween girls look at science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Combination of actual girls exploring real-world science and math alongside successful female mentors in the field- plus an online destination where viewers can share their own exciting ideas and projects. There is access to full and partial SciGirls episodes and accompanying activities. Videos are also available in Spanish.  

Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Web series that is all about STEM career inspiration. This series profiles cutting-edge scientists and their research, how they got into their STEM-related profession, and what (often unusual) interests they pursue outside of their work. There are currently over 50 video profiles online, including amazing scientists such as Mayim Balik, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Janna Levin and Mae Jemison.


All things STEM related to help volunteers to increase youth's STEM skills. Find STEM activities, projects and events around the US that help teach STEM. Check out the STEM articles, activities and the huge list of cool STEM jobs! 

Time Traveler

Travel through the decades to learn about the innovations that shape your life. Use the Decade Navigator to start exploring new technolgies for each year of each decade. Explore virtual labs, science activities and scientists' profiles.

Try Engineering

Learn more about engineering and engineering careers all while getting a better understanding of just what engineering means and how it can be your career! Look at all engineering majors, resources, lesson plans and play games while learning about engineering. 

Try Nano

Great resource for learning all about Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Look at Nano degrees, Nano resources and games, meet real Nano professionals and about what is new in the Nano World! 

United States Navel Academy STEM

Students and teachers can find project based learning workshops and programs sponsored by the United States Navel Academy. Resources and outreach link to additional STEM activities. 

Weather Wiz Kids

Weather Wiz Kids is a user-friendly comprehensive website that explores all of the different types of weather from hurricanes to winter storms with complete information and pictures. It includes lesson plans, experiments, other weblinks, forecasting, optical illusions and science fair ideas. It also has animations, safety information, weather folklore, and career information.