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The Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair

All the information you or your student(s) need can be found through one of the links found here. The buttons will take you to the information you need to complete a successful project.

65th GKC Science & Engineering Fair Program Book - download your own copy! 

We urge you to take advantage of all the other resources contained through the links below:

  • Greater KC Science & Engineering Fair Evalulation
    In 2013, Kansas City Area Education Research Consortium conducted an evaluation of the Greater KC Science & Engineering Fair and found the Fair helps Kansas City youth better understand science and encourages higher level STEM coursework in high school and college.
    Key findings include:
         Participants take advanced high school mathmatics and science coursework
         Participants are pursuing and completing STEM majors at the postsecondary level
  • Meet the STEM Mentor
    Students have the opportunity to meet area scientists, technologist, engineers and mathematicians to discuss science & engineering fair projects. Students learn about the connection between science and everyday life. If you are planning on having a science & engineering fair projects, this event is not to be missed! 
  • Awards—See what you can win by reading about our Special Awards, offered by professional societies, corporations, and others. Find out who won them last year. There are also two teacher awards. Nominate a special science teacher for an award.
  • Scoring and Standards —Doing a science fair project addresses inquiry standards for both Missouri and Kansas. See exactly what standards are addressed. Find out how our judges score projects as they determine what ribbon a student will receive. The scoring guides vary by division of the fair—Intermediate (grades 4-6), Junior (grades 7 - 8) and Senior (grades 9-12). There are specific scoring guides for computer projects and engineering design projects.
  • Resources—Take advantage of specialized science fair websites that give additional guidance on research project selection, project design techniques, project planning, examples of paper preparation and writing, and display preparation suggestions.
  • Project Ideas—For help in designing original projects, use the links to find science topics that are ripe for investigation. These teasers provide guidance for students without giving them a “cookie cutter” project. They are organized by science topic and grade level.
  • Display Boards—Want to save money ordering display boards for your students? We have the best prices available. Reselling them for a slightly higher price will earn money for your school fair or science program. Just click the display board button.

65th GKC Science & Engineering Fair Program Book - download your own copy! 

Many sponsors make the Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair possible. We are pleased to present our 2016 sponsors. Visit Lots More Sponsors to see all of the 2016 Sponsors.(If the sponsor has a website, clicking the logo will allow you to visit their site and learn more.)

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