Science Fair Project Ideas: Grades 7-8

Project Topic Category
Flower Production Botany and Zoology
Husbandry (Reproduction) Botany and Zoology
Hydroponics Botany and Zoology
Insect Attractants (Pheromones) Botany and Zoology
Insect Repellents (Pest Control) Botany and Zoology
Longevity of Blooms Botany and Zoology
Natural Insecticides Botany and Zoology
Plant Production of Chemicals Botany and Zoology
Population Control Botany and Zoology
Translate Sensor Input into Automated Communication Botany and Zoology
Water Chemistry
5700 rpm or 3200 rpm or what? Computer Science and Mathematics
Can a Mouse Beat a Touch-Pad? Computer Science and Mathematics
Deterministic Chaos Computer Science and Mathematics
Fractals around us Computer Science and Mathematics
Image Compression vs. Image Quality Computer Science and Mathematics
The Ghost Between Us! Computer Science and Mathematics
Rocks and Minerals Earth and Space Science
Acid Rain Environmental Science and Renewable Energy
Air Quality Environmental Science and Renewable Energy
Greenhouse Effect Environmental Science and Renewable Energy
Soil Ecology Environmental Science and Renewable Energy
Air Table, Momentum Conservation, Elastic Collisions Force and Motion
Wheatstone Bridge Measurements Force and Motion
Chromatography Matter and Energy
Electrolytes Matter and Energy
Insulation - Electrical Matter and Energy
Insulation - Temperature Matter and Energy
Laser Ray Tracing, Scattering and Diffraction Matter and Energy
Polarized Light Experiments Matter and Energy
Cleaning solutions Molecular Biology
Plant Growth - Microlevel Molecular Biology