Special Award Winners

Each year, science and technical organizations with an avid interest in science education present special awards for projects entered in the Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair. Each organization selects its own award criteria, and provides judges to select the winning projects. Science Pioneers would like to thank these organizations for their support and participation in the Fair. A white ribbon means that a student has won a special award from a professional scientific organization and was invited to the Awards Ceremony to receive their special award.

2017 Special Award winners

Air and Waste Management Association:The best projects in the senior, junior and intermediate division relating to generation, control, effect, or illustration of air pollution or waste management or relating to energy conservation or renewable energy. Each winner will receive $100 cash award and a plaque. Additionally, the science department of each winner's school will receive $50.

Winners and Teachers:

Senior: Hannah McGivern - West Platte High School;       Teacher:Brad Lynch

Intermediate:  Miles McFarland, Caden Manchester & Matt Charbonneau - Clay Platte Montessori School;  Teacher:Angela Broton


American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) - Kansas City Section: The AIChE Kansas City Local Section is pleased to award $100 to the student in the senior or junior division whose project best exemplifies practical application of chemical engineering principles.

Winner:  Elaine Zhu - Blue Valley High School


American Meteorological Society- Kansas City Chapter: The American Meteorological Society awards a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement to student exhibitors at the Fair.

Winners: Dalton DeWeese - CAPS – Blue Valley

Rachel Heili & Aidan Sullivan - West Platte High Schoo

American Psychological Association: A certificate is presented to the project that shows  the most outstanding research in psychology under the category of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Winner: Emily Norman - West Platte High School


American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing: The American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing- St. Louis and Central Regions will present certificates and cash awards to outstanding projects in geospatial sciences.

Winner: Lauren Burrow - CAPS – Blue Valley


Archie Dykes Library of Health Sciences: Dykes Library gives one Special Award to an individual in each of the Junior and Senior Divisions. This award recognizes an outstanding project that is medically related (Biological or Behavioral Sciences). The prize for each is a Library Membership (value $150) good for one year check-out privileges, 3 free Inter-Library Loans,

free printing on site, and assistance in using library resources. The Senior Division award also includes a free research consultation with a Biomedical Librarian.


Erin Smith - Shawnee Mission West High School
Kayte Case - Pembroke Hill


Arizona State University’s Walton Sustainability Solution Initiatives: ASU Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives is given to high school students whose project seeks innovative solutions to humanity’s most challenging problems.  Projects should convey the intent in their research to solve a complex problem that involves social justice, environmental and economic prosperity. The recognized student will receive a certificate and will be nominated to enter for the Grand Prize, a trip to Arizona for the 2017 Sustainability Solutions Festival.

Winner: Kaedyn Krizek - Olathe North


ASM International - Kansas City Chapter: ASM International will present awards to top material science exhibits.  Cash awards of $150 for first place.

Winner: Braeden Troyer - Hocker Grove Middle School

ASM Materials Education Foundation: Awarded to  one student who has the most outstanding project in Materials Science. The student will receive a certificate and a medallion.
Winner: Aviral Misra - Blue Valley High School

Association For Women Geoscientists: The association is pleased to provide an Award Certificate to the female student whose project exemplifies high standards of innovativeness and scientific excellence in the geosciences.

Winner: Kaedyn Krizek - Olathe North High School

Kansas BioGENEius Challenge: The BioGENEius Challenge is the premier poster competition for high school students, and recognizes students preforming outstanding research in medical, agricultural or industrial biotechnology. Today's winners advance to the Kansas BioGENEius finals, where they will compete for the opportunity to advance to the June 2017 National and International BioGENEius Challenge in San Diego.


Gold: Erin Smith - Shawnee Mission West High School

Silver: Paul Case - Barstow

Bronze: Suatatya Chakraborty - Olathe North High School
         Andy Cardona - Shawnee Mission West High School


Broadcom MASTERS Awards: The Broadcom MASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering for Rising Stars) is a competition for 6th thru 8th grade participants who participate at their SSP-affiliated science fair.  Nationally, the top 10% of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade participants at their SSS-Affiliate science fairs have been selected for this honor.

As a nominee, you are eligible to register and complete an on-line application to compete nationally for valuable prizes and awards including the grand prize of $25,000.  From these entrants, the top 300 Semifinalists will be announced in August 2017 and 30 Finalists will be announced by early September.  Finalists will win an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, DC in October, 2017, to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS Finals.


Barstow:  Abby Lopatofsky, Tyler Carlgren
Calvary Lutheran School:  Tyler Carlgren
Christ Preparatory Acacemy:  Stefan Siegrist
Cur of Ars:  Luke, McCullough, Henry Booker, Auggie Hill, Michael Grantham
Fire Prairie:  Rachel Dowell, Zachary Tillman, Dustin Stone
Hartman Elementary School:  Abrianna Fiddmont, Anyeli Valequez, Kelly Gonzales
Heritage Middle School:  Samantha Tolman, Marina Wilson, Madison Tucker

Hocker Grove Middle School:  Jameson Joyce, Ella Gibson

Holy Cross Catholic School: Yulissa Cabrera, Viviana Calderon

Holy Trinity Catholic School: Jude Weller, Jason King

Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy:  Etty Sosover, Clare Smith

Indian Woods Middle School:  Jack Shaw

Islamic School of Greater KC:  Hala Alsousi

Kansas City Christian School:  Katy Dekker

Lakewood Middle School:  Vedarsh Shah

Liberty Middle School:  Addison Vallier, Dylan James, Sophia Ferguson

Northeast Middle School: Mackenzie Chester, Julianna Silva, Trania Thomas

Oakhill Day School:  Griffin Gregg

Overland Trail Middle School:  Prabhav Pagadala, Pranav Pagadala, Raw-ji-tha Vel-a-ka-tour-i, Lauren Herrington, Stella Harber

Oxford Middle School:  Hannah Tandang

Padre Pio Academy:  Maria Matulis

Pembroke Hill:  Kayte Case

Prince of Peace:  Grace Godard, Sydney Bui

Ray – Pec East Middle School:  Tyler Day, Kayden Stosberg

SMSD Biotechnology Program:  Sydney Newton

South Middle School:  Thomas Lushington, Frances Parker

St Agnes Catholic School:  Sophia Nordling, Brennan Johnston,

St. Patrick School: Tamy Nguyen, Kaytlyn Nguyen, Regina Ji-uh-ko-dee, Crystal Corner

St. Peter’s:  Josephine Axtell, Sophia Ong, Leila Pedreros, Andrew Lombardi, Elise Johnson, Hattie McLane, Audra Hair, Saige Wimes

Summit Lakes Middle:  Annika Tsay

Trailridge Middle School:  Samantha Mudgett, William Delzeit, Ian Adams, Jesse DeBok, Owen Markwart, Albert Hoelting Natalie Peterson

Washington Preparatory Academy:  James Peterson, John Peterson


Burns & McDonnell: A cash award of $100 will be presented to the top senior high exhibitor. A cash award of $50 will be presented to the top junior high and intermediate grade exhibitors. Wall plaques will be engraved with student's name and mailed to the student. Matching cash amounts will be made to the exhibitor's school science department for advancing participation in engineering.


Senior:  Hunter Lipp - Olathe North High School
Junior:  Liam Hyland - St. Peter’s
Intermediate: Samuel Gunderson - John Nowlin Elementary


Earth Science: A $100 check for a project exhibiting outstanding merit in either the earth, atmospheric, or environmental science or closely related support fields.

Winner: Kaedyn Kirzek - Olathe North High School


F. Gene Hampton Award of Excellence in the Life Sciences:Awarded to a ninth or tenth grade student whose project best exemplifies the use of scientific processes in addressing a biological problem. The student and the sponsoring teacher will each receive an award of $100.

Winner: Stuti Dalal - Shawnee Mission East High School


Greater Kansas City Association of Family and Consumer Sciences: The Greater Kansas City Association of Family and Consumer Sciences presents four cash awards of $50 each.


Tamar Reem - Sunrise Point Elementary
Abby Lopatofsky - Barstow
Kyanne Carlgren - Barstow
Josie Cable - Martin City Elementary

Greater KC Science & Engineering Fair Creativity Award: The Science & Engineering present a certificate and t-shirt to the project that showcases scientific learning, exploration, curiosity and creativity.

Winners: Adriana Monge-Rodriguez & Leslie Martinez, Holy Cross Catholic School

IEEE (I triple E) Kansas City Section- PES/IAS Chapter:IEEE is the world's largest professional association advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE Kansas City and IEEE Power & Energy Society proudly provides certificates of merit and cash awards.

Jesse DeBok - Trailridge Middle School

Will Euwer - West Platte Jr. High School


Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award:The Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award is presented to the top senior project that deals with computer science.  The winner will receive an Intel Award Certificate and $200.

Winner:  Paul Case - Barstow


I-SWEEEP:The I-SWEEEP Outstanding Sustainability Project Award goes to the top high school project selected in the categories of Engineering or Environmental Science & Sustainable Energy who display outstanding work in the theme of environmental sustainability and innovation.  Students will have the opportunity to apply to be eligible as a finalist.

Winner:  Jocelyn Henderson - Olathe North High School


Kansas City Garden Club: The top six winners will receive $25 each, a certificate and an achievement ribbon for outstanding Horticulture experiments.


Chinmayee Magesh, Sudhiksha Sadige & Zenia Ahmed - Lakewood Middle School
Matthew Puno - Our Lady of the Presentation
Katherine Tharp - West Platte Jr. High School
Luke Heili - West Platte Jr. High School
Dalton DeWeese - CAPS- Blue Valley
Clara Davies & Sydney Sweeden - West Platte High School


Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology-Shipman Award:The Shipman Award of $500 is granted to the senior division student who makes excellent use of scientific literature in the context of a science fair project.  Also $500 goes to the sponsoring teacher.

Winner: Andrea Dahl - Olathe North High School
Teacher:  Rebecca Groebe


The Marie Miller Promising Young Scientist Award:This award honors "scientific exploration." The award is given to the students whose project in the Intermediate and Junior Division best exemplifies "scientific discovery, exploration, and curiosity." Winners will receive $100 and their teacher will receive $150 for science materials at their school.

Winners: Mary Olson - St. Agnes Catholic School;       Teacher: Gena Schleimer

Brooklyn Fraser - Fire Prairie; Teacher: Barb McMahill


Martin N. Schuler Award:Presented by MRIGlobal, the Martin N. Schuler award recognizes Mr. Schuler's outstanding commitment to research professionalism, and his contributions to the community through his long-term involvement with Science Pioneers as their past president and secretary- treasurer. This cash award of $250 and a certificate will be presented to a student in the senior division for outstanding achievement in the biological sciences.

Winner: Stuti Dalal - Shawnee Mission East High School


Missouri Department of Conservation: Certificate and books to an Environmental Project.

Winners: Addison Vallier, Dylan James & Sophia Ferguson - Liberty Middle School


Mu Alpha Theta: Certificate to the senior project demonstrating the most challenging, thorough and creative investigation of a problem involving modern math.

Winner:  Nakita Nouth-Chea - Olathe North High School


NASA: Awarded to the student who has the most outstanding project that displays an Earth Systems science perspective.

Winner: Hunter Lipp - Olathe North High School


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Certificate and medallion to the project in the junior or senior division whose research emphasizes NOAA's mission to understand and predict changes in Earth's environment.

Winner:  Coy Taylor - West Platte High School


Office of Financial Literacy: The Office of Financial Literacy is awarding a Consumer's Choice, Innovation award and Investor's Dream. Consumer's Choice is awarded to the invention judged to have the most appealing to the identified target market supported by market research. The Innovation award is awarded for the most innovative approach to product design. And the Investor's Dream is awarded to the invention that has the most potential to attract investors to take this product to market.


Consumer’s Choice:Laila DeVine - John Nowlin Elementary

Innovation:Auggie Hill & Michael Grantham - Cure of Ars

Investor’s Dream:  Aviva Clauer - Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy

Ricoh Corporation:
The Regional Ricoh Sustainable Development Award goes to the project whose principles and technical innovations offer the greatest potential for increasing our ability to grow environmentally friendly and socially responsible businesses.

Winner: Andy Cardona - Shawnee Mission West High School


Science City MAKER Award: In recognition of your creative project, we are honored to provide you 4 complimentary tickets to the 7th Annual Maker Faire Kansas City, as well as an opportunity to showcase your winning exhibit at Maker Faire.

Winners: Atra Biria, Barstow
Laila Devine - John Nowlin Elementary
Chase Zeller - Heritage Middle School
Avira Clauer - Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy
Grace Fisher - Liberty Middle School
Rawson Jenks - Kansas City Christian School
Jacob Hodges - Hocker Grove Middle School
Duncan Paul - Kansas City Christian


Science City Spark!Lab SPARK AWARD: In recognition of your inventive project, we are honored to provide you 4 complimentary tickets to the 7th Annual Maker Faire Kansas City, as well as an opportunity to showcase your winning exhibit at Maker Faire.

Winners: Luke McCullough - Cure of Ars
Auggie Hill - Cure of Ars
Abigail Hill - Barstow
Simon Esh - Christ Prep Academy
Christopher Dunn - Christ Prep Academy
Maya Snyder - Indian Trail Middle School
Luke Browning - Kansas City Christian


Society for Science & the Public Award for Community Innovation: Society for Science & the Public Award for Community Innovation is to celebrate students who seek to help mankind through science and engineering. The award should is given to a student who has done a project that will better humanity and improve conditions in the local community. This $500 award is given to the most deserving student.

Winner: Lauren Burrow - CAPS – Blue Valley


Society of Women Engineers- Kansas City Section: Society of Women Engineers is an organization that provides valuable opportunities for women in science and engineering to network, find support and develop their careers. The Kansas City section works to achieve the society's goals by reaching out to girls of all ages and encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM.

Winner: Liza Suarez - West Platte High School


Stockholm Jr. Water Prize: The Stockholm Junior Water Prize is the most prestigious award for a water-related science project at the high school level.  The competition is aimed at enhancing the quality of life through the improvement of water quality, water resource management or water and wastewater treatment.

Winner: Ellie Green - Shawnee Mission East High School


The Red Force Fire & Safety Award: Certificate to the group or individual whose project demonstrates fire safety principles, responsible practices when handling fire related materials, and concern for public and personal safety.  Award of $200 to the classroom teacher sponsoring the project to be used for science related materials and supplies.

Winner: John Peterson - Washington Prep Academy


The Society of American Military Engineers- The Greater Kansas City Post:Cash prizes and certificates of achievement are awarded in the Senior Division for exemplary projects that reflect innovation, practical application, and leadership in each of the Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Earth Science, and Environmental Science and Renewable Energy categories.

Winners: Andy Cordona - Shawnee Mission West High School
Jocelyn Henderson - Olathe North High School
Hunter Lipp, Olathe North High School

United States Environmental Protection Agency:Certificates for Environmental projects in each of the 3 divisions, plus a special memorial award plaque for innovation.


Senior Division: Audra Hessenflow - West Platte High School
Elysa Thompson - Olathe North High School
Thomas Tharp - West Platte High School

Junior Division: Annika Tsay - Summit Lakes Middle School
Zachary Cheng, Steven Nebergall and Abi Kothopalli - Lakewood Middle School
William Delzeit and Ian Adams - Trailridge Middle School
Jesse DeBok - Trailridge Middle School

Intermediate Division: Isabella Stolle - Parker Elementary
Prabhav Pagadala - Overland Trail Middle School
Grace Shanahan - Our Lady of the Presentation

Special Memorial Award Bernie Haas:  Erin Smith - Shawnee Mission West High School


United States Metric Association: The U.S. Metric Association provides a certificate to be presented to the best senior level student whose project involves significant amount of quantitative measurement and which best uses the SI metric system for those measurements.

Winner: Ellie Green - Shawnee Mission East High School


Western Chapter of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers: Western Chapter of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers is presenting four $50 checks  to the outstanding exhibits in engineering and engineering-related fields

Winners: Jon Rife - Trailridge Middle School
Elaina Lobaugh - Barstow
Aviral Misra - Blue Valley High School
Jacob Hodges - Hocker Grove Middle School


Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc.: The Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc. provides a certificate to the most outstanding 11th grade student exhibiting in the areas of Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or Chemistry.

Winner:  Hannah Bradford - CAPS – Blue Valley


Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology – Project Display:

Every year Linda Hall Library invites a group of students with outstanding and creative Science Fair projects to display their projects at the Library during the month of May.  The displayed projects along with the reception attended by the students, their families and their teachers is a favorite event of the library staff and patrons as it introduces us to these young scientists and the broad range of their work. 
















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