Teacher Award Winners

Teacher Award Winner: Corrie Clasen

The Howard Gadberry Teacher Award presented by the Howard Gadberry Family - goes to a teacher that reflects his commitment to research and contributing to the community through science with his work at Midwest Research Institute.

This year’s winner from the Blue Springs School District – Corrie Clasen


Corrie has taught in both Japan and in the US…20 years in the Blue Springs School District.  She teaches 5th grade.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Brigham Young University and a Masters from Western Governor’s University in Teaching English Language Learners.  She is a National Board Certified Teacher. 


Her students have participated in the Kansas City Science Fair for all 20 years she has been in Missouri, and she has directed the school science fair at John Nowlin Elementary for the last 18 years.  She has judged the KC Science Fair for 10 years and reviewed Greater KC Science & Engineering Fair applications for several years. 

Corrie’s love of science began as a 5th grader when her teacher brought in a box of rocks to class, and when she did a class project about the human eye.

Corrie values the science fair because it motivates and inspires students to explore and present their findings.  She thinks it is important for her students to understand the beauty and miracle of the world they live in, to value observation and looking beyond what’s in sight, and to find pleasure in using creativity and logical reasoning to solve questions. 

Thank you, Corrie, for your dedication to the Fair and to science education in Kansas City!