Science & Engineering Fair

Science Fair

Saturday STEM Seminars

Saturday Science Seminars

Meet the STEM Mentor

Meet the Science Mentor Day

Expanding Your Horizons and the Saturday Program

Expanding Your Horizons and the Expansion Program


Students will want to bookmark this section for homework help and fun!

In addition to the Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair, Science Pioneers offers these student programs. Just push the button to learn more about each of these programs.

  • Saturday STEM Seminars - 8 exciting speakers with the latest in KC science news!
  • Meet the STEM Mentor Day and other mentoring opportunities
  • Expanding Your Horizons and the Saturday Program for 6th to 8th grade girls
  • Exploring Your Potential for 6th to 8th grade boys
  • Youth Advisory Board for young, creative minds to help Science Pioneers with student content in STEM that is meaningful to them

Students say that they used our website to learn science through its high level science websites and its fun interactive simulations and games.

Students will also want to explore these vast resources:

  • Science-related websites — the perfect place to do research for your papers and to explore fun ways to learn science. There are games, puzzles, interactives, and MORE!
  • Student Science Competitions — Beyond the Science and Engineering Fair, there are other student science competitions for which you may be eligible. Find out more about them through the website links on this page.
  • STEM Career Websites with links to learn about the opportunities that await students in the careers of the present and future. 80% of the jobs most in demand now are in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It is also estimated that 80% of jobs yet to be invented will also be in those fields.