Science-Related Websites

"Prepare for the Science Fair" by Kevin Temmer

 An animated short explaining the steps to completing a science fair project. 


Science and math games and information for kids.

Amazing Space

An astronomy and space science education NASA site offers activities and videos for kids.  There is online space exploration on topics like telescopes, galaxies, comets.  Tonight’s sky is a narrated video of features of the current month’s sky.  Under the educators’ area, there are math and science tools, including online photos and charts with accompanying inquiry based activities.

American Chemical Society Interactive Periodical Table

An interactive, on-screen periodic chart letting students learn more about elements and all the pertinent information about the element.

American Museum of Natural History- Resources for Learning

Free online database of the Museum's scientific and cultural materials.

Animal Planet

The Animal Planet Homepage covers all things animal, where each week you'll find experts on a special "Creature of the Week," profiles of characters like Steve Irwin, otherwise known as The Crocodile Hunter, and the latest Web stories on just about any critter you can discover.

Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders are research-based and standards-aligned educational games that offer an innovative approach to teaching basic academic skills.

Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC)

This organization “promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment.” It offers a student resource section that is designed to help students write research papers or participate in debates on the topic of animal research.

aSTEAM Village

aSTEAM Village works to inspire students and families to pursue education and career pathways in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM), through community-based project learning and innovative programs. Their vision is a connected Kansas City community that adopts STEM/STEAM Education as a pathway to achieve ones individual dreams and prosperity in the 21st Century global economies of today's world! They work with public and private schools as well as other nonprofits to offer expanded learning opportunities to provide supplemental educaiton and social programs - helping create a Village of champions of community-based learning! 

Bayer: Making Science Make Sense

A Bayer initiative supporting hands-on, inquiry-based science education. Offers a science library with definitions and links to sites by “-ology.” Includes an interactive periodic table for students to explore. 

Be an Engineer

Exxon Mobil's supported site that features engineers, career categories, news and videos of engineering projects in action.

Biology Games

Includes Jeopardy, Millionaire, Hollywood Squares, 20 Questions, Vocabulary Bingo and other templates for learning biology and chemistry through games.

Biotech Institute

This site aimed at high school-level offers resources on biotechnology as a career, downloadable lab activities and resource guides. 

Blue River Watershed Association

The purpose of Blue River Watershed Association -- BRWA is to improve the quality of the Blue River, its tributaries, and nearby streams through education and the development of community partnerships. To achieve this goal, BRWA sponsors several events and programs in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. BRWA encourages students and other citizens to protect their local watershed.

Burroughs Audubon Society of Kansas City

The Burroughs Audubon Society is the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the National Audubon Society.  The site contains events and sponsored hikes for bird observation.  There are links for activities for students under the WingNuts tab.

Butterfly Zone

Site includes resources, articles, animations, fun and puzzles for learning about butterflies, cocoons, insects and more!

Candy Experiments

This site has numerous obervational activities and outright science inquiry experiments that students can do with various types of candy. There are also resource web links and printables of experiments available. 

Cells Alive

Great website with tons of interactives on various science content. Learn about Cell biology, Microbiology, Immunology and Microscopy with models, cycles, puzzles and quizzes. Includes a photo gallery! 

Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS)

CReSIS contains a compilation of climate change research and works to collect information on the changes in global ice sheets.

Chlorine Tree, The

This website helps kids understand the ways that chlorine chemistry affects their everyday lives. Visitors to the site can "explore the branches of the chlorine tree" through activities featuring photographs, videos, animations, sound and text.

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Check out this great site and learn all about Hour of Code. Learn how to build phone apps, create computer programs and just how important and valuable computer science is! 

Concord Consortium Technologies project

ITSI-SU, the Concord Consortium's comprehensive, innovative technologies project, funded by the National Science Foundation, offers teachers ways to engage students in exciting, inquiry-based science projects that use computational models and real-time acquisition. All the the STEM activities involve asking questions and/or defining problems, using models or sensors, collecting data, interpreting results, using mathematics, technology and computational thinking, constructing explanations and/or designing solutions based on evidence. 

Conservation International

CI focuses on trying to preserve and promote awareness about the world's most endangered biodiversity through scientific programs, local awareness campaigns, and economic initiatives.

Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology

This site details how people learned about the universe, a good resource for the history of science. It has sections on the ideas: The Greek Worldview, Start of Scientific Cosmology, Mechanical Universe, Island Universes, Expanding Universe, Big Bang or Steady State, and the Journey Continues. It also has sections on the tools that have been developed since the beginning of time, such as: Naked Eyes, First Telescopes, Early Reflectors, Golden Era of Refractors, Spectroscopy and the Birth of Astrophysics, Rebirth of the Reflector, and New Tools. There is background information including some animations. 

CSI: Web Adventures

Allows students to solve a CSI case at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, using knowledge of forensic science. Contains an educator's guide and a family guide, as well as links to online activities (e.g. handwriting analysis, detective abilities). Has a section on cool science careers. 

Design Squad Nation

Explore & Design Your World! Become part of the amazing design world and all it has to offer. Learn to build and design through games and tutorials just about anything!

Digital Bits Science Lab

Great science experiments for teachers, parents and kids in all categories of science. 

Directory Science

The Comprehensive Science Directory. This online science directory is designed to help its users find online science sources, companies, products, services, and information.

Discover Engineering

Discover Engineering explains what engineering is, describes various careers, and has informational videos and games on engineering.

Discover Engineering

Discover Engineering explains what engineering is, describes various careers, and has informational videos and games on engineering.

Discovery Channel, The

Lots of science information with just one click to areas of your choice. Enjoy interactive activities, science news, and more.

Discovery Education

This site has all types of resources for science, math, English, and social studies. They are divided into K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Lesson plans include the objective, materials, procedure, evaluation methods, vocabulary and national standards. In addition to lesson plans, the site also has interactive games, puzzles, activities, contests, STEM career information, and virtual labs. 

Earth Life

Earth Life Web is an encyclopedia which supplies information about life on this planet. It includes images, facts, book reviews and recommended reading on several species, divided into sub-domains. Currently includes insects, birds, mammals, lichens, microbes, invertebrates, chelicerata, fish and sharks.


Teach and Learn Experientially is an organization founded in 2011 to coordinatre Earthworks and Exchange City. Earthworks is a laboratory that comes to life when young people take on the role of scientists who work to determine the health of a habitat. Scientific teams collaborate to determine whether a habitat can continue to sustain life. Earthworks offers school curriculum, day trips, scouting programs and camps.  

Ecology Global Network Kids' Corner

The kids corner contains ecology activities, stories, and videos for kids. Parents and teacher information is provided. The site is part of a global network featuring television, radio and personal data delivery.

The Science Fair section gives students the ability to access over a thousand helpful ideas and articles to aid them in completing their science fair project. The site includes advice and help and a great Science Fair Guide.

Engineer Girl

For middle school girls.  Engineer Girl has profiles of women in engineering, what classes should be taken in high school and discusses engineering careers for women.

Engineer Your Life

A guide to engineering for high school girls.  Dream jobs and inspiring women.  There are sections for parents and counselors.

Engineer Your Life

A guide on everything engineering for high school girls. Why should you choose engineering, meet women engineers, find your dream engineering job and just how to make it happen. 

Engineering provides lots of information about engineering with an ask section, a library and games & puzzles.

Engineering, Go for it! eGF!

Engineering, Go for it! Has many interactives, a digital magazine, flash cards, kid's books, tools for teachers, lesson plans by grade level and career path and scholarship information. Engineering and math activities for all grade levels.  

Entomological Foundation

A collection of Science projects that involve insects and address entomological questions. Educationg young people about science thorough insects.  

Environmental Literacy

A web site for K-12 teachers and students, designed to help find the best sources of data on the Internet about the environment and the natural world, including international and U.S. databases, research papers, lesson plans and activities.

Environmental Projection Agency-Radtown

RadTown USA is a virtual community for middle school students to learn about sources of radiation in their community.

Environmental Protection Agency

This site is designed with kids and teachers in mind, but there is something here for everyone.  You will find information about EPA, about environmental issues in Region 7 (which covers Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska), fun activities, a contest and more.

Environmental Protection Agency for Students

This site is kid friendly with interactive web activities and information for pre-K through 4th grade. Grades 5-12 can use the environmental information and activities to learn about being environmentally friendly.

Environmental Protection Agency- Education

The EPA education section is rich with downloadable curricula with grade level lesson plans, activities for schools, kids, students and teens.

Explore Learning

Excellent resource for students in 6-12 grades to get help with school work with online 'gizmos'. There is a cost of $149 for this great learning tool, however you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to see if it is the tool that helps you. So check it out today!

Exploring Weather

Exploring Weather is a comprehensive website that explores all of the different types of weather from hurricanes to winter storms with complete information tables, vocabulary and extensive explanation and pictures. It also includes forecasting and optical illusions. 

Faces of Chemistry on Learn Chemistry

Faces of Chemistry is a collection of videos and resources about chemistry in real life and in different careers for ages 11 and above. Learn about what inspired famous chemists and how chemistry research leads to new products.