Volunteer Information

Yes, we can use your help! Annually, Science Pioneers depends on the talents of over 800 volunteers! We want our students and teachers to have an opportunity to interact with STEM professionals, learn from them, and want more information about their exciting, fulfilling careers. Interested? Just complete the online form and we will contact you to discuss how you can help.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • EYH-(Expanding Your Horizons): Designed to immerse young women in 6th-8th grades in hands- on experiences in science, math, engineering, and technology. Women volunteers are needed to do two, 45-minute hands-on workshops with students at the EYH Conference held a Friday evening in January.
  • Saturday Science Seminars: Saturday morning seminars for middle school and high school students for those seeking enrichment and extended knowledge in science. Volunteers are needed to do 45-minute PowerPoint presentations on scientific, technological, and engineering advancements with which they are involved.
  • Meet the STEM Mentor Day: Students have the opportunity to meet with engineers, scientists, technologists, and physicians to discuss science fair research projects. Volunteers are needed to mentor students one-on-one to help refine their science fair project ideas.
  • Scientist Displays (part of Meet the STEM Mentor Day): Science projects created by scientists, engineers, professionals, etc. in the workplace are on display. Students have an opportunity to visit with these professionals to learn more about their work. Volunteers are needed to present projects or posters to students to show that science inquiry skills are used in the workplace.
  • Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair: The Science Fair provides the opportunity for students in grades 4 – 12 to display their research projects or inventions. Volunteers are needed to judge science fair projects.
  • Mentor Directory: The directory contains a list of mentors whom teachers and students may contact to help them with their research projects or in-class studies. Volunteers are needed who are willing to have their names listed in this directory in order to help students with in-class projects or science fair projects via phone, email or direct contact
  • General Volunteers: Volunteers are needed for various events to help with registration, guide participants, and answer questions.