Teacher Trainings

Science Pioneers is offering FREE 7-hour workshops to prepare educators and content-area teachers to introduce computer science basics in a format that's fun and accessible to the youngest learners (grades K-5). Learn from an experienced computer science facilitator an intro to computer science, pedagogy, overview of the online curriculum, teacher dashboard, and strategies for teaching “unplugged” classroom activities. Teachers will receive the supplies they need to teach the courses. Not only is this an opportunity to increase your knowledge and confidence in facilitating an engaged computer science classroom, it's also a chance to connect with other educators in your area who are working to bring computer science to their schools.

There is no charge for these workshops. You’ll also receive (at no cost to you):

1. Printed curriculum guide

2. Certificate of completion (which could count for PD credit)

3. Classroom supplies for the unplugged lesson
4. Fun swag



September 24, 2016 -
October 29, 2016 -

November 19, 2016 - 

January 14, 2017 -

February 4, 2017 -

March 7&9, 2017 - 

March 18, 2017 -
April 1, 2017 - 


All will be held in the Science City Resource Room at Union Station.