ScienceWise Kickoff

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 4:30pm - 8:30pm
Debbie Goodwin

Making & Breaking Stuff to Teach Science & Engineering Practices

Learn how to teach science and engienering practices using concrete - the world's most used building material. Discover and participate in inexpensive STEM projects that engage students of all levels. Enjoy demonstrations, learn practical applications and make and break stuff in this interactive workshop. Also get a basic primer on Materials Science and how using solids can ignite and spark interest in STEM careers. Correlations will be made to the NGSS. 

Objectives: Make and test a hex cell composite using ticket stock and tape

1. Learn how Materials Science and Engineering can be used to excite students and interest them in STEM careers.
2. Go home with immediately useable ideas for labs, demonstrations and projects that correlate to the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices.
3. Make and take reinforced cement pucks and test already prepared cement pucks.
4. Learn easy and inexpensive demonstrations that relate science concepts to practical applications in the "real" world.

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